Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4WD Automatic Review


The famous manufacturer of car Toyota has been busy with the SUV segment, as he can do good business in this segment. Although Your good business in this segment, the Fortuner sitting doing nothing, while the other models such as the YetiRexton, CR-V, and the Santa Fe selling like hotcakes on the market. The company does not do anything to improve Your SUV sales remain in contention. Lately, the company finally gave you a variant of various 3.0 liter high 4WD automatic transmission for vehicles that fans can finally have a Fortuner can without having to change your speed while driving. That is enough to keep the big Toyota relevant modern in a sea of competition? We have to wait and see.

Look and feel

When the company decided to reorganize the structure, the Fortuner receive adjustment, to make you look better outward appearance. The changes were implemented including external lights a little smoke and chrome dop and adding in fog. He also has a peak of alu rims dark gray 12 new to be added to the external call. In addition,the redesigned models also come in one shade of gray Mica.

Interior design

The Interior of the redesigned model now let’s all black theme with small wooden lacquered, doors and Fittings that control panel. The look is simple and fairly muted.However, Toyota makes up for it, make sure that there are plenty of comfort for the client. There is not much room in the midline. The only problem, is that customers will have to fold in the third row of seats to achieve the mass storage area behind the vehicle.

Vehicle specifications

The new vehicle will be speed Governor and auto Xenon headlamps with washers for driving in the dark and wet conditions. It also comes with a security camera, poweradjustable driver’s seat and the new touch screen control panel. Very edge of homeentertainment and information unit which has the voice commands. This feature is a bit slow to react to make adjustments. Facilities inside the SUV connect using options, USB and Bluetooth. Under the hood, a remodeled vehicles come with a 3.0-liter engine that can generate output from 171PS and a pair of 343 Nm. If the engine is smooth and thick, still quite loud inside the cabin. The specs of this machine, can reach a speed of 100 km per hour in 12 seconds. The hotel is also equipped with 5-speed torque converter similar to that found in option 4 x 2.

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