Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4WD Automatic Review


The famous manufacturer of car Toyota has been busy with the SUV segment, as he can do good business in this segment. Although Your good business in this segment, the Fortuner sitting doing nothing, while the other models such as the YetiRexton, CR-V, and the Santa Fe selling like hotcakes on the market. The company does not do anything to improve Your SUV sales remain in contention. Lately, the company finally gave you a variant of various 3.0 liter high 4WD automatic transmission for vehicles that fans can finally have a Fortuner can without having to change your speed while driving. That is enough to keep the big Toyota relevant modern in a sea of competition? We have to wait and see.

Look and feel

When the company decided to reorganize the structure, the Fortuner receive adjustment, to make you look better outward appearance. The changes were implemented including external lights a little smoke and chrome dop and adding in fog. He also has a peak of alu rims dark gray 12 new to be added to the external call. In addition,the redesigned models also come in one shade of gray Mica.

Interior design

The Interior of the redesigned model now let’s all black theme with small wooden lacquered, doors and Fittings that control panel. The look is simple and fairly muted.However, Toyota makes up for it, make sure that there are plenty of comfort for the client. There is not much room in the midline. The only problem, is that customers will have to fold in the third row of seats to achieve the mass storage area behind the vehicle.

Vehicle specifications

The new vehicle will be speed Governor and auto Xenon headlamps with washers for driving in the dark and wet conditions. It also comes with a security camera, poweradjustable driver’s seat and the new touch screen control panel. Very edge of homeentertainment and information unit which has the voice commands. This feature is a bit slow to react to make adjustments. Facilities inside the SUV connect using options, USB and Bluetooth. Under the hood, a remodeled vehicles come with a 3.0-liter engine that can generate output from 171PS and a pair of 343 Nm. If the engine is smooth and thick, still quite loud inside the cabin. The specs of this machine, can reach a speed of 100 km per hour in 12 seconds. The hotel is also equipped with 5-speed torque converter similar to that found in option 4 x 2.

Changes and Redesign 2018 VW Touareg

2018 VW Touareg‘s Interior, exterior decoration and equipment


Touareg high-end SUV from Volkswagen will depend on the platform of the Volkswagen MLB Evo. It’s the same platform that was built the next generation of the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga. It will use longitudinal engine architecture MLB Volkswagen, which is also used by the big Audi sedan and SUV. Unlike the Touareg, Audi should be a little shorter. Evo platform will enable vehicles to be more fuel efficient and lighter helps save cost engineering, Car weight, complexity of cars and offers the possibility of additional luggage space.


New body panels such as smooth magazine bi-xenon headlights with LED lights C-shaped will give the appearance of Touareg modernized. Big trapezoidal grille and reinforced bottom rear treatments will enhance the appeal. LED back light thinner to help reduce the effects of reflective light during the exercise in conditions of rain orfog.


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A slightly shorter wheelbase, luck and the exhaust system of the body do not fit will be among the main features of the VW. This will display a bunch of digital meters to put the wheel, advanced Infotainment system and helps the reader resources


The body of the Tuareg should be made using aluminum and materials that are lighter. This is to improve efficiency and better control of the car. The external appearance of the car should be considered when the front end of the car subject to some improvements, including the addition of VW’S signature logo.


With Brown and black interior wood trim to make it more casual. The cabin will be filled with a variety of options to control the characteristics of the vehicle. 1 11 inch touchscreen will also present to alert the driver of any program anomaly Friday in the car. The temperature will be completed with the correct use of climate control systems zonal. Door panels will change and the dashboard and instrument cluster modernized with advanced technology.


The choice of engines and performance


Volkswagen must have four-cylinder engines, with a V6 engine and there is also a V8 engine. Rumors indicate that the car will have a hybrid version with a 10-speed dual-clutch transmission, similar to those used on the T-GTE concept bonus, which produces 205 horses. The car’s engine will be around 185 lb-ft. fuel economy car should be higher to reduce fuel consumption.


Date of 2018 predicted VW Touareg release and price


Volkswagen Touareg 2018 should arrive in 2017 and went on the market in the United States we dealers beginning in 2018. With a complete redesign both inside andoutside, a machine that is updated in the table with the best gasoline and diesel engine MLB platform enables better internal and packing. The car must have a starting price of not less than $40.000.

Electric Car from Mitshubishi

Mitsubishi company is a conglomerate of independent facts under the same brand.The company has an interesting history, started out as concerns an expedition to France in 1870. Then they settled in mining, shipbuilding, banking insurance, storage, paper, steel, glass, electrical equipment, aircraft, oil and real estate.


The company makes zero Japan famous during WW2. Zero is great in the battle ofWake Island Kamakazie attacks on aircraft carriers.


After the war, Mitsubishi started business in the nuclear and petrochemical areas. The company now is Japan’s largest trading company with 200 companies in 80 countries with over 50,000 workers. Electric vehicles are under development in Japan


For the record, Japan electric vehicle Club recently set the record for the distance for an electric car with a full charge. 17 riders had 1 456 towers in Shimotsuma, Ibarakioval. The speed is 40 km/h (25 mph), the car Daihatsu Mira converted. Total distance EV, plus outstanding 1003 km (623).


IMiev is the latest in a series of electric cars, developed since the beginning of Yoursurvey about technology in 1970. IMiev started life as a converted Dodge Colt 2005 with 2 inch wheels electric motor power. After several variants of design of the wheel, the iMiev like today was developed in 2006.


First of all cars produced in 2009. Is the first of a new wave of electric cars on the market. Utility companies and other organizations test Miev since 2007 platform. Generally, the results have not revealed. However, it has individual boards available, the test car.


IMiev spec list, good performance with improving Li-ion battery car 16kWh 1 80mi/h and a top speed of 130kph to range 75 miles (130 km). The car is light to standard at 2 lbs 068 940 kg empty. Note that the storage battery 16kWh translated energy equivalent to half a gallon of gasoline for Americans.


In the car, the wheel and look designed to as close as possible to the corners of thecar. This, in addition to the vast glass front gives the car that looks a little original.


Some of the most important comments about the performance of the iMiEV, centered on a range of issues. Seems a bit cold, the range values posted drops. This problem can be overcome to permanently with test results 50 Canada field vehicles withHydroQu├ębec.


IMiev tested recently in a week, in Tokyo, met with positive results and an interesting comment about the State of development of the EV in this area. Because the batteries arrive empty, also onboard navigation system quick chargers shut down the site. The Government of Japan has helped the national infrastructure development called ‘ eco Station. Tokyo has had a lot of quick charging points installed.


The car went on sale in Japan for about $40,000 (USD), $50,000 (USD) in Hong Kong (50 available) and slightly more in the United Kingdom. The car is not yet sold in theUnited States.


So far, approximately 1 500 iMiev was released in 2010. Production numbers for the 2010 estimated 5,000 units.